The Farmers Empowerment And Protection Agreement On Price Assurance And Farm Services Bill 2020

Gramin Agriculture Markets: The Standing Committee found that the availability of a transparent, easily accessible and efficient marketing platform is a prerequisite for guaranteeing remunerative prices for farmers.1 Most farmers do not have access to public markets and APMC markets.1 Smallholder and frontier farmers (who own 86% of agricultural property in the country) face the sale of their products on the s CMPA markets. difficult problems, such as. B the insufficiency of marketable surpluses. Distance from the nearest AMC markets and lack of transport opportunities.1 The average area served by an APMC market is 496 km², well over the 80 km² of the National Farmers` Commission (Chair: Dr.M. P. 1 Derogations concerning agricultural products [SECTION 7] The price of agricultural products may be mentioned in the Agricultural Agreement. In the event that this price is subject to changes, the agreement should expressly indicate a guaranteed price to be paid to the farmer for his products and a clear reference of the prices for each additional amount to be paid – including a bonus or premium”. to ensure the best value for the farmer. This prize can be awarded to the prizes that prevail in certain shipyards of the Agricultural Markets Committee (established to regulate the markets and trade of agricultural products in accordance with the various laws of the Land Government) or to the exchange and trans platforms (set up to facilitate trade and commerce of agricultural products via a network of electronic devices and Internet applications) links. The Essential Commodities Act is also not applicable when agricultural products are purchased under the Agricultural Agreement. .